Big Love: Richard Barton Jr.

Allegedly, Richard Barton Jr., a 34 year old Michigan man, was arrested on charges of polygamy after posting incriminating photographs of an illegal second wife on Facebook.

Richard Barton Jr.

Richard Barton Jr.

Mr. Barton, who was married to a woman in Rhode Island in 2004, disappeared from her life not long after the marriage. According to ZDNet, though they had discussed getting a divorce, Mr. Barton simply disappeared rather than go through any legal proceedings. Recently, his original wife, checking on his status on Facebook, noticed that he had posted photos of a new, second wife on his wall.

Out of curiosity, the abandoned woman decided to do some stalking on Facebook, where she soon discovered photos from Barton’s second wedding in July 2010 on the pages of his friends and family. The Rhode Island woman contacted police, who arrested the alleged bigamist.

It turns out Barton originally disappeared because he’d been arrested for violating his parole (in 2000 he was convicted of home invasion and in 2001 for uttering and publishing) by leaving Rhode Island, and was sent back to jail. He was released in October 2009, and eventually moved to Grand Rapids, where he met his second wife, whom he told he was divorced.”

Mr. Barton was charged by the Muskegon District Court with polygamy. Incidentally, “uttering and publishing,” the crime Mr. Barton was charged with in 2001, is essentially forgery.

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