As social media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.) becomes more and more popular, it intersects more and more with professional lives and careers. We are now even seeing cases of online activity leading to a termination of employment. I’m calling these people the “Facebook Fired.” This blog will attempt to record all instances of Facebook and other social media impacting real world careers. Hopefully this blog will serve as a warning to be careful about what private data you choose to make public.

About the title- “The Facebook Fired” is just a catchy title, but I’m including any form of social media (and even a few poorly forwarded e-mails) that get people in trouble.

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  1. Erika

    Okay, this one doesn’t qualify as “Facebook Fired” – this person was “YouTube fired,” but C-level firing for SM posts are so rare that I thought it was worth highlighting.

    Adam Smith, chief financial officer for Vante (Tucson medical manufacturing company) — Fired after being stupid enough to post a video of himself bullying a Chic-fil-A employee. He pulled down the video but someone else had already captured it so it’s back up.

  2. Scott

    We had students at my high school say some stupid things on Facebook. They don’t get that there is NO privacy on FB. I would appreciate it if I could use your blog as a teaching tool.


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